Monday, May 2, 2011

UFL Draft Preview Pt. 3 How Its Gonna Work

Tonight at 8pm EST the UFL will have its annual draft. While I have not covered this in the past this year is a special situation due to the NFL being locked out and the UFL having all undrafted free agents to draft from. This does not mean that any player out there has to sign with the UFL team that drafts it, but at the very least most UDFA's would be signed by now, and since none are allowed to sign that are all considered to be eligible.

Below you'll see both a 150 name Big Board (pt 2) and the current 40 man protected rosters of each of the five UFL franchise (pt 1). Tonight's draft is 10 rounds and will get each teams roster up to 50 players, after that a free agency period begins to further increase the rosters.

The UFL season runs from August until October and only at the conclusion of the season are UFL players eligible to sign NFL contracts and only then if their NFL team is willing to pay a transfer fee (this year's fee has not yet been determined).

Tonight we may see 50 of the top UDFA's from this weekend's draft get selected, or we may seen none. Either way it should be a lot of fun and I encourage you to check out the current UFL rosters in Part 1 for some serious blasts from the past.

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