Thursday, April 28, 2011

NFL Draft Tweet-Athon!

The day is finally here, the day we have all been waiting on and yours truly has cooked up a fun way to interact with all of you throughout the entire 3 day event and its easy for you to join in!

The idea is simple its a 3 day long tweet-athon, where I will predict, grade, and give scouting analysis to every pick as it is made over Twitter. At the same time I guarantee to answer every and any question posed to me by you my friends.

This is how its going to likely look...

A few minutes before the pick is made Ill send in my official prediction;
@Matthewcelder PREDICTION: 1. Carolina Panthers-QB Cam Newton, Auburn

Then once the pick is made, Ill immediately grade it using my board and position rankings which you can find here on this blog completely free!;

@Matthewcelder 1. Carolina Panthers select QB Cam Newton, Auburn-6'6, 250lbs. (#1QB, #16BB) Great size, and arm strength. May struggle to grasp

@Matthewcelder offenses quickly. May be the most talented play-makers of any QB drafted since Mike Vick. GRADE: B+

Then Ill take any and all questions and we'll continue on throughout the entire night and weekend. Remember I guarantee that I will do this for every pick and will answer EVERY question asked of me. No other draft analyst or guru is willing to promise you that.

A 500 name big board, 650 players ranked positionally, and full access all draft weekend? What more could you ask for?

Now because Twitter likes to limit tweets per hour I need the use a second twitter account to make this work so please make sure you are following both @Matthewcelder and @ElderScouting all weekend long as Ill be tweeting from both depending on who is in Twitter jail and who isn't at the time.

This is going to be lots of fun and I hope for lots of questions!

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